The wide angle 4k intelligence conference solution

Here is the MINI

The wide angle intelligence conference solution with Meeting Flex that adds in newest artificial intelligence features. Enabling visual tracking. An exceptional 4K Ultra HD camera with the angle of view exceeding 110˚. Welcome to the powerful MINI.


Best experience for teams

Work together wherever you are. AI Huddle MINI can better connect you to colleagues in the distance. Showing participants with automatic zoom. Best for small collaborative space with less than 15 people.

Simplest set-up

USB driver-free installation, plug and play, encoding and adapting to mainstream domestic and foreign video conference software.

Full participation

Super wide angle + 4K lets you see and hear everything, automatic person detection make you feel like you are in the same meeting room, allowing you to focus in the meeting.

Exceptional Intelligence

An integration of advaned algorithms. Enabling Intelligence Zoom + Smooth Adjust with our leading visual algorithms.

A Combination Of Latest Tech

3D model : Drag

4K Ultra HD

New generation SONY 1/2.5-inch, up to 8 million pixels high-quality UHD CMOS sensor, achieve4K (3840x2160) high-resolution high-quality videos. And compatible with 1080P, 720P and other resolutions

Plug and play

USB power supply, support Type C USB, plug and play, drive-free installation

Support Meeting Flex intelligence

Built-in video analysis algorithm, automatically detect human body and automatically adjust shooting angle with intelligence zoom

Distortion-free wide-angle lens

Using high-quality real 2.2mm focal length optical distortion-free lens, the maximum angle of view exceeds 110 °

Product Information

AI HUDDLE MINI provides you the ability to access productivity of enterprise by ensuring immursive collaboration experience in your virtual meetings.